The Paradox of Instant Communication

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The Paradox of Instant Communication

Glenda Barrientos Technology, Society, and Culture HUMN432 Instructor: Joey McDonald 8/1/11 The Paradox of Instant Communication The way we communication has evolved over the centuries, from flying pageants, to Morse code, telephone, to cellphone, instant messaging (IM) to video chat. We have all these different forms to communicate now a day that it’s hard to keep track of all of them. Like you try emailing someone, they facebook you, you IM them and then they text you so you call them.

You use so many different types of tools to communicate that instead of them being instant they take longer and in the process a bit confusing it makes you miss when you just had one telephone with one record machine and one tape to listen to your voicemails instead of having to check all these other forms of technology. However it’s important as with all electronic communication, that people should evaluate the pros and cons when they decide how to effectively use instant communication in their lives.

Though there is no arguing that technology now a day is at its best and still progressing that a few challenges arise when people get so absorbed in their own personal life. For example someone at work is texting, emailing, IM’ing with friends or family it cuts into work time and over all affect the efficiency of the company and their job. But at the same time these tools could be used to acquire information, additional material, or approval to expend resources by communicating via IM’ing, Email, telephone call or even text.

These sources of communication can make things efficient but also very inefficient if people keep procrastinating or using them in inappropriate times. It’s important for people to know when they are allowed to use these technologies especially in the work force. A lot of people find it easier to just communicate via chat or video chat in both professional and leisure times. IM allows you to chat in ‘real time’ to other people who have an IM client. But as it is immediate, you have no time to reflect on the message you are sending.

For example “instant messenger services allow people to communicate instantaneously despite their geographical location. However, each person has to be online and signed into the instant messenger to communicate” (D, Stephanie). It’s also a lot easier to share files especially for people that are trying to make deals or are doing presentations for a job to another company. “However, sharing files also exposes users to potential viruses, spyware and other computer malware that could negatively affect your computer and your network” (D, Stephanie). Another issue that is arising with instant communication is in how people are spelling.

I think this is happening because of how much people text since the keyboards on cellphone are small. They start creating shortcuts, which is fine for personal use, but very unprofessional when you writing a letter to a client or your boss. It makes their grammar skills look poor, lazy, and unprofessional. Emails are another form of instant communication now a day. Sending an email to someone is very easy it doesn’t take a genius to send one. But both the person and you have to have to have an email address and access to a computer or device that can access the internet.

Though emails are received fast that doesn’t necessarily mean you will receive a quick respond from the other person because they might not be logged in at the time. Also people waste company time at work by sending emails to friends instead of working. Instant communication isn’t really as instant as people might think it’s a lot easier to call a person or to meet up with the person. Then to have a misunderstanding on a message that could affect a lot more than a person would think. It might seem easier or faster but it involves a lot more then what I thought it would.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean people will stop using it because it’s a lot easier to video chat with someone far away then to have to fly out to see them. And it’s a lot quicker to text a friend for something then to actually have to talk to them and drag on a conversation. Resources: 1. D, Stephanie. “Instant Messenger Pros & Cons | EHow. com. ” EHow | How to Videos, Articles & More – Trusted Advice for the Curious Life | EHow. com. Web. 02 Aug. 2011. <http://www. ehow. com/list_6385160_instant-messenger-pros-cons. html>.