Financial Disparity and Friendship

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December 27, 2017
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December 29, 2017

Financial Disparity and Friendship

Financial Disparity and Friendship Most people hold a similar view that a true friendship will last long disregarding the distance and status in the society. It is an undeniable truth throughout thousands of years. However, many cases in real life are not the same. Financial disparity does affect friendship to some degree, especially for adults. People who have the same financial status or a similar on may have common experiences and interests.

For example, people who both are from the middle class concern more about news and government issues regarding their groups. They are likely to face the same problems towards purchasing a bigger house, the slump of the stock market, so on and so forth. The friendship between Chen yinke and Wu mi happens to illustrate this. Both of them who first met in Harvard University are masters of traditional Chinese studies. They became teachers and bosom friends to each other.

They have much in common in careers and experiences, and they have mutual topics to discuss. On the contrary, if there is a large gap between the two persons’ status, they may have different life experiences and hobbies, which may be an obstacle for them to express ideas to each other. And communication is usually the very beginning to form a friendship. Different values and pursuits may be kept in persons’ mind if they are from totally different financial situation. For instance, a university graduated student who has not got a job yet and a successful.

Entrepreneur may maintain different values towards the society and money. The student considers searching a job as the priority, while the bussiness person aims at how to anage his company to make more profits. on is not financially independent yet, the other one is totally self-independent, they cannot hold the same pursuit or goal to fight for. If they are friends, maybe their friendship is quite a separate one. Some people may keep a different and also crazy idea. They consider having a rich friend is awesome.

Because they feel proud and they can borrow money from their whealthy friends whenever they want to. At that time, a true friendship really loses its meaning. A confidant is not a regular debtee and he should not be one. Nowadays in this material-dominated world, a friendship will be influnced by fanancial power to large extends, but people shold keep believing a true friendship does exist, proper handling of money and friendship, proper income evaluation and proper circle positioning could enable people a lasting and undisguised friendship.